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Excerpts from an Abstract Mind

The human experience is that of hopeful travelers, exploring the landscape of life in a never-ending quest to find meaning, adventure, and connection.  Together through shared encounters and individual explorations, we weave the complex tapestry of collective experiences and observations from which the very fabric of life is made.


In this collection of poetry, Excerpts from an Abstract Mind, author Ewana Hines explores the full depth of the human experience through the lens of a casual observer.  Traipsing through dense ideology, life lessons, and chance encounters, Ms. Hines delivers a powerful collection of works sure to ignite the imagination while drawing on the deeper inner workings of the soul, leaving the reader contemplative, curious, reinvigorated, and at times appropriately unnerved.  Excerpts from an Abstract Mind is an unyielding, unflinching, unrelenting glimpse into this beautiful, chaotic, and carnal dance we call life.


Ms. Hines flawlessly navigates the wildly unpredictable nature of humanity, delving into philosophies and personal experiences that are easy to relate to, yet thought-provoking and rich – thoughts and musings that will leave your brain tickled and swirling for days.  From terrifying Ouiji Board experiences to the life of a caged lion yearning for freedom, Excerpts from an Abstract Mind paints a vivid picture for the reader, seamlessly blending delicate wordplay with fervent beliefs, religious explorations, and carnal flesh.


In Excerpts from an Abstract Mind, Ms. Hines enumerates the importance of seeking knowledge, asking questions, and demanding answers.  She explores the moments in life that require a firm stand, while also acknowledging the times we must run away and live to fight another day.  Ms. Hines pushes past the safety of political correctness to say the things people dare not articulate.  By speaking her truth, Ms. Hines allows the reader to explore the power of radical self-love, relentless exploration, and the sheer unpredictability of a universe steeped in glorious chaos.  Relax your shoulders, inhale deeply, and prepare to see what wondrous and incredible landscapes await in the abstract mind.


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