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Excerpts from an Abstract Mind

Life is unpredictable. We are given no map at birth, and yet we wade through the adventure together, learning different things along the way while collecting experiences. Excerpts from an Abstract Mind is a poetry collection about the chance encounters, lessons learned, and ideologies acquired by author Ewana Hines as she plays witness from the sidelines of life.


She tells stories about a frightening Ouija board and a caged lion that yearns to be free, but she also delves into philosophy and personal battles. For instance, there are times in this mad life when we must run and other times when we must stand and fight. Ewana enumerates the importance of trying while asking questions and then answering them.


The book is a passionate tango between fervent beliefs and carnal flesh. At times, it dances past political correctness on its path toward the priceless treasure of love for self, the Lord, and our fellow human. This journey unfolds through the lenses of poetry and narrative storytelling. Come and see where the abstract mind will go.


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