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Written by: Ahmad506 on May 23, 2020

Forwarded from email posted on his website book blog page


Relatable and thoughtful poetry with a touch of fresh humor, “Excerpts from an abstract mind”, is a whole-hearted book that reflects upon the different aspects of life where freedom of choices, risky diversions, learned lessons, and ever-lasting wisdom are not confined but rejoiced unapologetically.

This poetry book comes to show the creativity of the author “Ewana Hines” who stands as an expressive and unwavering witness to all her events-based poems and gives us the message to cherish our wilderness and make our unpredictable life adventurous with cautions and risks at the same time. I love how the poet is remarkably trying to understand herself with simplicity and care which makes it almost relatable to us women out there who are constantly figuring out themselves.

The narrative storytelling poems in this book are infused in a way that to me symbolizes a woman’s life like a tree whose trunk has three major branches, one branch consists of poems on the secular things of life with a touch of curiosity as to how an abstract mind have visionary questions, fascinating aspirations, and ferocity for love and acceptance. The second set of poems goes through the domestic and civil issues in our lives and finally, ends with refreshing spiritual and inspirational poems that improvise exploring the possibilities with a strong belief in God and gratitude.

Personally, my favorite lines from “Excerpts from an abstract mind” are in the poem called “My Body Is Mine”:

“I am the occupant of this body

This body is mine

Wait until permission is granted by me

Before you reach out and touch

What belongs to me.

My dictation is precise.”

“Excerpts from an abstract mind” consists of the verses based on how a woman self-discover herself and becomes more confident within her skin with her strong beliefs, life’s struggles, and revitalizing enjoyments.


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